Number 1 in the BCS!

Yes thanks to all the people who has been listening to the R&R Show. Keep sending those great emails with topics. We will be doing a special drawing for a guest host soon and maybe a "Best michigan fan triva show". We are now the number 1 BCS Michigan youtube show! The rankings

1.The R&R Show

Ahh.. Alright maybe the only.. Thanks! GO BLUE! Beat NW and thanks to all who listen.

R&R Show 3 and New Ts!

Well I thought I should youtube it to make it easier. I hope it does. There are 4 parts so enjoy! We talk Penn State game, All time Michigan greats and Henne. I had issues with the last 2 parts so I didnt have time to add pics to what we are talking about. Please keep the comments and emails coming for topics you would like to see us talk about! We also have 2 new shirts! A new Mario shirt and Warren Shirt! Check thoses out!

The R&R Show EPS 2.. ND and New Joe Pa Shirt!

Well here is Show 2. You can find the first show under this one. We talk about the ND game, Mr.Sears and the good ol MAIL BAG! I also say something perverted.. Ahh I didn't mean to.. And I feel idiotic. Thanks to all who sent to the mail bag! Keep them coming for the next show! Leave topic idea's in the comments area or on the myspace. Thanks! Enjoy!

R&R Show 2

Great new Joe Pa Shirt! Pre game sale! Save a few bucks!Lets make it 9 in a row!

The R&R Show Eps 1

Well, we got our first podcast show up. I hope you all enjoy it and I hope we don't sound like bumbling idiots. There are a few glitches(come on it was our first show!) Ryan's audio was giving us problems. I fixed it up the best I could. This will be fixed by next weeks show.Please give us comments about what you think and if you have any questions or topics you would like us to talk about on the show, please leave a message in the comment section or on my myspace. Please leave a name or something(myspace address) so I can give you a bit of a shout out on the show when talking about it you're requested topic. Enjoy!

Click below for the first show!

We talk about The Duck game, carr and Mario Doggingham

The R&R Show EPS 1

Podcasting and Losing

Well, I don't even want to talk about the ASU game, I'll skip that. I do want to chat about the Duck game.. I was there. I'm in the middle of setting up my podcast. Watch for that in the comming days(hope by Thur). We will also have some new Ts comming. So lots of new stuff comming! Check back soon! Prey to God for help and GO BLUE!

Comming Soon! *If anyone has any topics or questions they would like discussed on the first show, please leave a comment or message me on myspace*

The Sky is Falling

More later when I wake up from this Nightmare.