What does it mean to be a fan?

Forgive me for not being an avid M poster in the past few weeks-- I guess this makes me a crappy fan. Sorry! So, I guess this is going to be my topic for tonight.
I work at this place with a few receptionists. One started back in September and when she found out that I was a Michigan fan, she went on and on about how she was a HUUUGGGEEEE Michigan fan. Yet, every Friday, she'd ask who Michigan was playing this weekend and on Monday she'd ask who won. AHHHH!!!! I can't stand these "fans" (disclaimer: she's now one of my best friends, but that's beside the point). I walk into public places and see people wearing Michigan stuff so I shout out "GO BLUE!" and I get weird looks .... This week, I picked up my brand new Mercury Mariner and before I drove off the lot, the Mich license plate frame and two chrome decals were positoned perfectly on the car. My salesman goes on and on how he LOVES Michigan, yet asked me who the coach was. DORK!
Now, do I have a right to judge? You bet your ass I do! Granted, I didn't go to Michigan, so there are many people who feel I don't have the "right" to be the kind of fan I am. But damnit, I drive from Rochester, New York to Ann Arbor every cotton-pickin' home-game weekend, I was in Columbus this year, have been to the Rose Bowl in past years, the Gator Bowl and .... My family has had season tickets at UofM for 27 years, I have a block M tattoo, I know our coaches name, and I know who wins each weekend. I own 467 things that have maize and blue on it ...
I'm not looking for a pat on the back, but where do we draw the line on what a "fan" is and who shouldn't be one? Does anyone else get peeved by people who wear Michigan because they "like the colors" or is it just me?


Well the shit got knocked off the table so to speak with Rojo rumors running ramped. When I say ramped... I mean ramped! I have heard crazy stuff, from his mom getting a job with the Gators to Tressell pushing the Johnson's away from Michigan. I just did some ROJO Lotto yesterday and maybe I was dead wrong? Maybe this is all complete BS. Here is the popular Rumor

Back in 2005 when Ronald Johnson blew out his ACl all the big time programs stopped sending mail and didn't offer...Except Michigan Michigan (carr) invited Ronald to a game in 2005 when no on else would talk to him. Ronald gave us a verbal that day....but soon after returning home is mother made him take it back. During the next few months Ronald told Mallett and Terrance Taylor he was going to Michigan. (that exlains why Mallett came out on rivlas.cmand spilled the beans...So he wasn't lying its just that Ronald didn't want everyone to know yet) Ronalds Mom wanted him to keep everything hush hush. During RoJos recruitment his High school coaches were whispered to be keeping mail and phone calls not Michigan related from RoJo....His family heard these rumors and the relationship was damaged severely between RoJo and his high school coaching staff. During his official visit on December RoJo gave a second verbal to English in the UM weight room in front of many defensive players... but told everyone to keep it from public knowledge. Terrance Taylor made sure to tell RoJo on his official visit to take all of his visits. Ronald had no interest in taking more visits because he was set on his school he would go to. What seems to have pushed it over the edge was the Florida visit.Ronald was...and I quote "Blown away" from the visit... Yesterday at Muskegon high school rojo was visibly upset...and told his muskegon coaches that he had to talk to them...(FYI if you havent picked up by now his high school coaches are pro michigan)... His mother showed up and wouldn't let the coaches peak directly with RoJo during which time she told them that Michigan was out of contention with Ronald....A small verbal war soon happened between the Johnsons and the coaching staff. Later on yesterday Johnsons mother went to a Muskegon udge (family friend) and had him call the Michigan coaching staff that Ronald was done with Michigan and they had no chance in getting him.... The Johnsons also had cut off all contact with Michigan and cancelled all visits with the coaching staff.....They refuse to talk to anyone with Michigans staff and remain that Ronald is done with them. It's clear that the rumor of the muskegon high school coaches holding back info from ronald info (which was rumored) had an impact in Mrs Johnson feeling betrayed. PS. Ronalds mom called Michigan a few days ago and led them to believe her son was still very interested.....so either she was telling the truth and Michigan was still in the lead at that point are she was lying to them to set them up for this great fall. English and Carr are now in Cali and even though they cannot speak with the Warrens they feel the presence could help in getting him...

I guess take this for what it is. I always thought he was solid UM but his mom may have other plans. I have a bad bad feeling that $$$ is involed. If so this is very sad, I wouldn't be surprised if Urben is dirty, we know his "by any means necessary" ways. I feel bad for ROJO more then anything. It seems it's out of his hands and in his mothers hands... I'm not sure if I buy this but if it's true.... Just WOW.

The Offical NIT Basketball Shirt!

I guess you could say that aMAIZEing Ts is getting a head start on college basketball post season play. I suspect Michigan will be running and gunning as always in the NIT so heres the shirt! Show your support for sub par Tommy basketball!
You can get you're shirt HERE!

ROJO Lotto

The latest edition of ROJO Lotto is here. Now we are a week away from the big day. Everyone will know Sunday after church where he will let the cat out of the bag. It seems he will be getting a bunch of in home visits from a number of coach's. Mlive talks about the Carroll visit. It looks like English and Carr will be the last visit this Thursday. I feel it's good to get the last word in and plant that last seed. I think Michigan is setting great to get this kid. I know there were some net rumblings about him committing to the gators but I think it was purely Internet BS. We will know the winner of the lotto this Sunday. Here our my %

Michigan 58%

Gators 25%

MSU 11%

OSU 6%

That's where I see the Lotto.. Lets hope Michigan has the winning numbers.

Michigan JVs get schooled by Hoosiers

Just another road loss for Tommy and the team. I only caught the 2nd half but it wasn't pretty. From Petways missed dunk to our awful D. I heard we haven't won in that gym since 1995...Just wow. How much longer can I take watching this crap? I really don't even know why I want anymore. I rather go watch my local High school JV team. At least they play with some heart. Our guys look lost, they look like..well crap. I don't like calling for peoples heads but it's time for a change. NIT is not cutting it. He had his time to make this happen and he has failed. We got some nice recruits coming in next year and I don't want to waste anymore talent. They just don't get any better under Tommy. All the players are the same since they got here, Petway,Sims,Harris ect. The coach doesn't make anyone better. Its time for a change.

Michigan Get blown off the court..Whats New?

I didn't get a chance to watch the game cause I live IN MICHIGAN and I guess I am not close enough to watch it. Instead I was treated to MSU vs MINN... Instead of watching UM getting it's ass kicked, I had to watch Minn. Anyway I don't have much to say, I expected us to no show. Its typical Tommy. Back to JV pics, since I don't have a pic of last nights game no re do they deserve it.

Michigan Basketball has a future..maybe.. and we beat PSU.

I got a chance to check out Alex Legion the other night on ESPN. He looked great. He went for 23 and had a nice stroke. He makes me feel good about the future of Michigan Basketball. If he's a MacDonald's All-American than he would be the first one we got since... since.. Mo Taylor? Someone correct me if I'm wrong. This team maybe young next year but at least there is a future.. maybe? Also getting some buzz is Grady and Harris. Harris seems to score at will. He put up 45 points on one night and Grady who I have seen play in person plays great D and shows flashes of a great shot. Michigan basketball has a chance!

Okay they earned a pic that doesn't show a a JV basketball game since they didn't play like JV's. But I'm not that happy. I man its PSU, Tommy and Michigan never loses to them. We should pound them. I want a good WIN! Beat Purdue! Beat the Hoosiers! Give Wiss and OSU a fight. I can live that. Show me something! Sims I still think you are like Dakota Fanning. So help me, if you guys comes out like JVs again... I will put the pics back up to represent you. Don't make me!

Who did what..
Harris: Played well, shot well
Coleman: Shoot well again, played better D
Sims: Still soft, I can see the team doesn't even look for him anymore.
Smith: Didn't look like the Ferris State player I claimed him to be.
Freshmen: Solid, I'm starting to really like these guys better than the Seniors.
Petway: Heart, Charge!
Abrum: Looks like he maybe coming around... lets hope.

Pardon the Maize

So, I (Kate the Wolverine) got this terrific intro but enough with the lovely dovey stuff ... We've got Michigan to talk ... So, REV1 brought on the topic of Carr. Yeah yeah, it's probably been beaten into the ground, but this is our blog, and we'll talk Carr if we want to. So on Carr,

REV 1 writes:
I say in, I know his record as of late is not good when facing the big boys but lets look at what hes done. Won a few Big Tens, a NC and handles the team with alot of class, More than I can say for the coach down south.

Kate:Now what I think ... let me start by saying 1) remember that this blog is my opinion so if you think it's stupid, I don't care and 2) I'm going to admit that I am not the best at pulling up stats like how many rushing yards we had in the 2002 game against Ohio State. I don't care nor does it matter.

In the grand scheme of things, Carr has done an amazing job as head coach at Michigan. I stand behind him all the way. He has lead a team of leaders to many victories and few losses (let's forget about our 5-loss season last year) ... but remember, in Carr's first year as head coach, he proved what he was made of-- a Big Ten Championship and a National Title. And let's also take into consideration that, and might I be cliche, there is no "I" in "TEAM" so Carr does not 100% make or break a team. He's like the GM of a corporation-- he's in charge of managing managers who will coach the team to victory. If a business goes down the tubes, a new GM is not always the answer. Ron English, for example, was a great change/addition to our staff! And maybe there are some other kinks to work out. Yes, we need to find a way to defeat Ohio State ... maybe Urban Meyer can quit his girly whining and give us some pointers (take out Ginn)? Did you hear he's taking his political debate tactics and running for president?

I digress. Well, I will say it again, I stand behind Coach Carr, BO stood behind Carr-- he loved Carr! and from what I've heard, the entire athletic department is proud at what he's done and continues to do with the program. No one, internally, has announced any plans to do away with Carr.

What do you think?

1 REV: You and I agree pretty much on this. This is a no brainier to me but other Michigan fans like to praise you when you are up and stomp you when your down. I didn't hear a peep out of anyone when we were 10-0. We lose some big games and whats that I hear?


I'm more sick of the The cry baby fans than I am of Carr's coaching. Sure the Offense is a bit bland and our big games haven't turned out wins but I can't stand to hear our "Great Fan" base bitch and call for Carr's head when he's got us Big 10 titles and a NC. Learn to deal that he is not going anywhere and he does his best year in and year out. This whole team does. I say we are lucky to have such a great history and school. What if you were MSU? I'm so proud of Michigan and it's history. It's to bad our bitching fan base dosn't know anything about history or what its like to be proud.

We were so close this year to winning a NC, 3 points away in OSU(The Michigan team I saw during the Rose Bowl wasn't the same team). I feel if we win that OSU game, we win it all. Or at least but a fight up.. So all you so called "Michigan Fans"..
SHUT UP! Be glad you are not state!

Welcome Kate The Wolverine!

I would like to welcome kate the wolverine to the blog! She will be a new writer for the blog and she is the biggest Michigan fan I have came across. She even once gave me a great deal on some michigan vs NW tickets this past season. It was nasty out but we had fun. She hails from the state of NY and has Michigan season tickets and drives to A2 for every home game. So yea.. SHES HARDCORE! Maybe we should start calling her HARDCORE Kate.. wait maybe not. Don't want people to think she is a porn star. I've rambled enough.. Welcome Kate!

Jerimy Finch Dreams of Playing in Papajohns.com Bowl

We lost a huge recurit we needed very bad.. Jerimy Finch. Now headed to Indi to be a hoosier..sigh.. Rough month. I'm hoping the Michigan coaching staff can save him. But it looks bleek. I' dont even want to talk about it. The kid must dream of playing in Papajohns.com Bowl and not Rose bowls. Or playing for NCs.. Like I said I don't even want to talk about it. Just gets me down.. Michigan Sports Center had more energy than I did to show his anger. Whos next? O yeah.. Maze...

ROJO Lotto

Well after the Rose bowl mess I fugured ROJO was as good as gone. Thus far alot say thats not the case. Not sure if I buy that or not but thats good news. Some say he just going for free visits, to have a good time. I guess I would to if I had my mind made up. On the other hand I don't really buy that. I say its Michigan or USC or even MSU? That would be so sad. Either way alot is in the air. It seems he had a good time at OSU but I just can't see him ending up there. So as of right now I will put our chances of winning the ROJO Lotto at...


More Lotto numbers after he visits...Gulp.. the Gators.

The good old days..

Ahh the good days when we were feared and cheating.. I miss these days. Michigan basketball has been dead since 1998. I may throw a few more old basketball pics up here from the good old days of NCAA NCs and Dont F*%K with us mind sets. This pic was edited by PNUT.

It's like watching a JV Basketball game

Once again, I almost tricked myself into thinking Michigan basketball turned its self around. I was wrong. They go to Purdue and look like a JV team. In fact they looked like a JV basketball team so much that I will post JV pics until they improve their play. They TO the ball like a JV team, they look about as intense as a JV team. Sims just makes me want to turn the game to MTV's Sweet 16. He can't handle a soft double team without throwing the ball out of bounds. He's so soft he makes Dakota Fanning look tough. Smith looks like he belongs back in HS basketball, he dosne't even know what coloer jersey he wears. Him at the Point is scary at best..sigh.. UGH Help.

Harris: One the few who showed up
Sims: Waste of Space, double team FTW!~
Petway: Did he play?
Abrum: Tries atleast
Smith: Should be playing at Ferris State
Colemen: Slow, got burned ALOT
Freshmen: Tuff night, all very quite.

Michigan Basketball... not impressed yet.

Well I didn't think we would be sitting at 2-0 right now. I figured we would be lucky to be 1-1. Big test comming up in Purdue. I think if we win this game we may have a chance to make a bit of noise. Then again its hard to tell. This team finds ways to play with no heart and looks lost when they hit a low. I put that on the coaching. Thats a whole other issue. One thing that bothers me more than anything is lack of development. Alot of these guys looked the same from there freshmen year. When are these guys gonna get better? Has Petway found a jump shot? No. Did Sims ever get strong and be a man? No. Would Harris find a way to show up every night? Nope.. They just are the same as they were when they started and once again that comes down to effort and coaching. Now I like alot of the freshmen, they seem to have a bit more fire. Eudu or whatever his name is looks very good and is already better than Petway IMO. So there is hopes and a soild class comming in. We will see if were are NIT these year or big dance bound. I'm sure we will know that awnser within the next 3 games. Keep working Michigan Basketball, cause we are all not impressed yet.

Too Much Sand?

Found this pic, maybe the team was spending too much time in the sand and not enough time thinking about the game????? No I'm joking, everyones gotta have a little fun. Just thought it was a funny pic.

Same Old... Michigan

Once again, Michigan has lost a bowl game. I felt good about this one too.. We were out played and out coached. Our corners were awful, Trent got worked and our Front 7 didnt help much. Their is two things about this game that I can say for Michigan. One, I feel the game is just to long to wait for, its hard to take a month and half off from gameplay and then have to pick up again and play a great USC team. Two, its a pointless bowl game. I know its the "Rose Bowl" but I dont care for a post season that dosnt mean crap. Unless its the NC game then who cares? Its just another game. The O looked flat and ran the same crap over and over. The D was soild in the first half lost to great coaching moves in the 2nd half. The Cbs and S were down right awful. Next year I fear for the worst as this might be the worst CB/S Michigan has ever seen. The offense should have been in the shot gun faster then what it was and our game plan looked like it was from the 30's. I'm betting there is a chance we lost ROJO in this game as well. Its a dark dark day..
Hart: Stopped, invisible once again in a bowl game.
Henne: Not bad but awful INT and never FUM and did end up into points.
Breaston: Great game, thanks for the memories.
Mario: Good game, did what he could.
O-line: A Disgrace... Maybe the reason we were so bad.
Woodly: Did do much, did get a tieing sack for the record.
Branch: had alright day.
Crable: I think he played very well, made some great plays.
Burgess: didnt even know he was playing...
Hall: Not a good day for him
Trent: Got worked by his daddy

Now we get to feel this until next year...