It's been awhile...

Well I have been a bit dejected since the fiasco that was the 08 UM football season. Took a break from the blog and took time to reflect. I also got to dive into the basketball team. Something that excites me almost as much as the football team if not just as much. I was a huge Fab 5 fan back in the day. I have a 1989 UM NC t-shirt. This team has been a long time coming.

What John B has done in a year and half is nothing close to amaizeing... Yeah just like the blog. He turned Grady into a trust worthy PG and Manny Harris into a superstar who does it all. Most important got Manny to stop turning the ball over. He has a 6:1 dime to TO. That is off the charts for someone who had the most TO in the big ten last year. It will be interesting to see if he can play this good through the Big10 season. Shepperd looks like a basketball player for the first time ever in his four years at UM. He can thank Amaker for wasting the most his time here. I was lucky enough to go to the Duke vs UM game and met Coach Carr and a few of the players. Everyone was really cool. Manny even posed for me while i was taking a snap of him with my Phone. Carr was a class act even with a billion fans in his face.

Our $15 tickets were well worth it. Damn cheap and I have refed girls JV games where people pay $5 to see girls not play basketball but run around the court with their heads cut off. So great deal to see Duke and UM. Here our the pics.. Late but here.

So thats all I got. I hope to get back to posting more. With Basketball in full swing I should. I think some things will change around here so there's a heads up.