The 43rd Turkey Bowl

Not to many of my readers will care much about this article but it's something very important to me and my family. Every year on thanksgiving my family has a football game. The first Turkey bowl game was held in 1964. My Grandpa,Dad and uncle started the game. This year will be the 43rd game. It's something that everyone in the family looks forward to and some what of a bragging right for the year. I have been playing since middle school. I have played longer then that but doesn't really count since I was young and really didn't play.. Just sorta ran around and got a pass here and there for fun. When I was younger I remember just standing off to the side with my cousin Charley just watching and getting in the game here and there. Watching my Dad,Grandpa uncles and older cousins go to war no matter the weather. As I got older I started to play more and then it became something I couldn't wait for. It's something very special to the Aylsworth family. It's something that will go on to the end of time. The great thing about the game is that anyone can play. You don't have to be an Aylsworth to play. We have had many different friends and even yes even Girls can play. I am at the moment trying to get Girls taken out of the game but have had no luck(I'm kidding, don't roll you're eyes ladies). The game has even made it in the local news. Everyone around Greenville Michigan knows that if they drive by the practice fields on Thanksgiving morning that they will see the Aylsworth family playing turkey bowl.

Getting back to weather, we have played in it all.. Some years its great out and some years it's a real bitch! In Turkey Bowl 41 the temp was -10 with the wind and had a good amount of snow on the ground. When you threw the ball in the air, it just sorta got caught in the wind and then would take a dive bomb into the snow. Alot of dinks and dumps that day. There was one big play in the game when Mike Packard used his cannon to unleash a 40 yard bomb to myself(Ryan Aylsworth) for a TD that wrapped the game up. I have no idea how we did since it was so nasty out but it happened. It was like God smiled on our team for 5 seconds. It doesn't matter how bad it is. We still play. This year looks like it may snow but I doubt anything as bad as TB 41.

The rules are very simple. Two straight completions is a first down. Most TDs win.. Some years have came down to field goal kicks.

My Take
My take on the game as late. There has been some great TB games the last 5 years and only one blow out. The game is something that makes my Thanksgiving very special. Makes me happy and thankful I have such a great family. The last few years the game seems to be getting bigger and bigger with more people. It's something that has bothered me but it's what happens with us kids growing up and starting families of our own. I am just as much at fault since I have invited two new people this year. Last year was the most amount of people that I can remember. It was very crowed on the Field it felt like 10 on 10 football. Just to many people and only one ball to go around. Maybe the problem is that I really wanna have fun in this game and I am very competitive. My idea for this year is that if we have at least 20 people(which I think will happen) we should split off into 4 teams of 5 and then you have 2 games going on and winners meet for the TB championship. I think a mini tourney like that could only add to turkey bowl. Play games to three Tds and the winner goes on and loser play a 3rd place game during the championship. I think people would have alot more fun and everyone would see the ball and make bragging rights even greater. I am sure I would have problems convincing people of that(the more older folk) but it's something I think makes sense with all those people. It will be like trying convince the NCAA to drop the BCS crap and start a college football tourney. Just throwing that out there.. If you like it, take it.. If not throw it back.

The Players
Here are some of the faces that have made Turkey Bowl what it is...

The Legends
These are the fine men who started and made Turkey bowl

Grandpa- CLAUDE Aylsworth(retired)

Sorry no pic of Gramps.. I did a Google image search but no luck. Probley because Gramps doesn't even know what the Internet is.. But anyway Gramps started the game. He still wonders around the field watching the game and sometimes spotting the ball. Not sure if Grandpa will make it to the game this year after a very serious surgery in which we almost lost him. I am so thankful that he is still here today to enjoy the turkey bowl with us. He makes impact on everyone around him and we have him to thank for all of this. Thanks Grandpa CLAUDE!

Uncle Jon- Jon Aylsworth(active)

Many would say Jon took TB to the next level. Made it is what it is today. He spread the word about the game. Jon pretty much runs this thing right now. But his son Jack seems to be next in line to keep it going. While picking teams every year Jon will make claim that he has never lost. It's sorta a Tradition for Jon to say that. Is that True? No.. Is it funny? Yes. Jons only weakness on the field is my zubaz...

My Dad- Tom Aylsworth(retired)

My dad also one of the starters of this great game. Since I can remember my dad hasn't really done much on the field. I can remember him playing hard when I was very young. It's pretty fuzzy. My best memory of my dad is in his last Turkey Bowl where he was in the backfield smoking and really being a poor Free safety... He might as well just laid down and smoke.. O wait he did. Health issues put a end to his career. The sad thing is that he doesn't even show up anymore. He just settles for asking how the game went while he stuffs his face with a turkey leg during dinner.

The Prime Timers

Theses guys the players in there prime. The guys who gives us Turkey Bowl Highlights.

Cousin-Jack Aylsworth

Jack has been great on and off the field. He has started making yearly shirts and hoodies. Jack been someone that will take this game to next level once his father steps off the field. On the field Jack has had many highlights and many low lights.. One low light is when Mike Packard push Jack to the ground and Jack was never the same the rest of the game. He cried like a girl the rest of the game about how that wasn't fair. This was like four years ago... But Jack has fielded many winning teams and doesn't really have a position. He sorta plays everywhere. Jack will go down in TB hall of fame.

Family Friend-Mike Packard

Mike has been in the game for sometime. Mike maybe the best QB to ever touch a Turkey Bowl football. Mike has a cannon of an arm and at times takes risk, it pays off most the time. Mike has had many long bombs for Tds and my favorite QB. Mike highlights also include a 5 ints in one game playing D and his low day was when he was still drunk from the night before and came to the game smelling of Jim Bean and Indian food. Mike threw about 4 Int that day and lost. Mike is also know for being someone that will get in your head and take you out of your game as he did to Jack a few years back. Mike has made his mark.

My Brother-Justin Aylswoth

Justin(my bro) is whats "next" in the turkey Bowl. Justin has size and a good nose for the ball. Justin really has just started coming around a few years back. Justin scored a Few TDs last year and is ready to take the next step as a Great WR in the series. Alot like his older brother in many respects. Justin still has some work to do on the D side of the ball. Justin will be going into the this years game in the Best shape of his life. "You are all Witnesses".

Me-Ryan Aylswoth

It's hard to write about myself. I don't like to toot my own horn but I am the prime time Game breaker. The WR deep threat that can strike at anytime. I play the game to hard since it's just for fun and I take it very serious. I have hooked up with Mike on many TDs and think about Turkey bowl in June. I look forward to this. I shocked the turkey bowl world last season with wearing Chicago Bull Zubaz's! For you young kids that zebra stripped pants. They gave me an edge. My quote to the other team is "Give them nothing, but take from them everything".

Cousin-Steve Davis

Steve has played many many years. Since he was young. Steve in many ways is the "X-Factor". Steve plays hard and is the best team player out there. For some reason Steve always looks the warmest to me when it's cold out. I swore he doesn't get cold at all and this makes him a threat since he's always "Hot!". Watch out for this Cat. Steve will make his mark this year.

2nd Cousin-Spencer Calkins

The Calk has played on and off for some time. His legend in this game is saying he will show up and then not and then the next year not being invited and then he shows up. No one ever knows when Spence is gonna show. Spencer has a great football back ground since he played for Greenville High.

Cousin-Charley Kemp

My cousin Charley was a freakin force in this game. The fastest guy on the field. Maybe the Best WR to play the game. Almost impossible to cover and ran great routes. Turkey bowl really misses Charles due to the fact that he is in the NAVY at the moment and instead of making the family proud on the football field he makes us proud in the NAVY. Hopes he can get home one day to soon to play again.

The Girl
Cousin-Amy Aylswoth

Amy has played for a long time and has made her mark as a great girl player. Amy is the only girl to INT a pass and return it for a touchdown. She also handles punts or tries to at least.


This year may have a few new comers and they make impacts.. or not.

Ryan Millard

Friend from work. Played football growing up and can throw a football with the best of them. maybe has a great future in the TB.

Jose Alegria

Jose a roommate of mine is small and nimble. He may not look like much but he plays hard. He's got some Mike Hart in him. It's tough being a rookie in this game, we will see how he does.

Candace Taylor

My wife to be and best friend. The TB doctors did not clear her to play last year due to a nasty cold. Candace at the moment is sick again. Will see be cleared? Only time will tell. She can catch well for a Girl so watch out!

I am not sure what will happen this year but I can assure you it will be fun and make everyone's Thanksgiving a special one. Thanks to the family for being great and thanks to all who read. I hope this gives everyone a insight into my family and my thanksgiving. For my regular readers, we will be back with a R&R show after Thanksgiving. God bless. GO BLUE!

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