Spring Sale! & New Mike Hart Shirt!

Well Spring Practice is apon us and what better way to celebrate this then to have a spring sale! We got some great shirts on sale in the "aMAIZEing SALE" Section of the store. We also have a a brand new spankin Mike Hart shirt. "Hart is my Homeboy". Enjoy and the store link is above.

TA going going Gone!!!

Well it's finally happened. The gods have listened and Michigan Basketball has a chance. Lets just hire the right guy.. Who? I dunno, many if the coach's out there have pros and cons. I like tubby if Ken dumped him but he has struggled to recruit. That brings up another issue, will our big guns Many and Legion stick this out? If they don't it just says didn't love Michigan and we don't want them anyway(I might have just lied). I know coaching changes aren't easy but this is for the better. I have heard rumors of Sims and Edue..Eudu.. how ever you spell his name maybe wanting to transfer. Lets just hope these guys hang on and the recruits don't jump... Michigan basketball is going up starting today!

Scout.com Pro aMAIZEing Ts

Just surfin the boards and noticed a few members on the scout.com board givng aMAIZEing Ts some props! The thread is HERE. Here are a few nice quotes.

I just stumbled across this earlier and they have some darn good t shirts.

I'm not so keen on shirts for individual players, but I'll admit I got a kick out of Blue Eggs & Manningham.

Then there were the not so nice quotes.. Gave me a good giggle though.

Check out this shirt. Ouch.

Don't know why it didn't work before. Anyhow, that shirt seems like it should be availible on an OSU site, not a Michigan site. I can't see it as anything other than making fun of M basketball.

I can see where he is comming from, it's not nice and sure maybe it would be a on a pro OSU site but I am so fed up with the basketball program.. I just can't help myself. I am not the only one.
I would rock the michigan shirt(nit shirt)...funny cause its true

Who buys something like this???

And I love the replys he got..

I would so rock that OSU shirt!!!!!!!!!

I'll take three!

Just wanna say thinks for the props and knocks, aMAIZEing Ts gets bigger and better everyday and were gonna keep bringing the best Michigan Ts to the public.

Video Updates

Updated some of the videos I made with some new music, check them out and let me know what you think.

While I am at it, here is the two OSU ones I made after the game.

New Shirts and NIT

Some new shirts to get you ready for the upcomming season! Just to also let you know that we will be having a Spring cleaning sale comming up. Heres the New Ts!

All these shirts come in verious sizes and colors and styles. Check them out at the store(Link above).

Michigan Won it's NIT opener, who cares.. I fell a sleep.

Cheaper Get Loud T-Shirt!

Well I figured why not make a the shirt but without the names on the back. It makes it alot cheaper and you can still show you're passion to make the Big House louder! It's only 19.99+S&H and can be a bit cheaper if you go with the "White" and not the Blue. I have been thinking of setting up a tailgate of some sort for a Michigan home game where the GLC could meet and hangout and either go to the game or watch it. Leave me a comment about what you all think or message me on the amazieing ts myspace.

No Show Senior Day

Well the game came and went and I must say they made it a great effort but a few seniors made their more than common "No Show". You just can't turn the ball over 15+ times and have Harris shot 1-13. I mean one should have gone in out of luck alone. I just wanna get the season over with and get onto the new class. Sims didn't do much, he was beat to hell by Oden all day(Can't blame him). Lester had a good game for once. At least he showed up and Peyway does what he always has, dunk and reb. It was a Tommy team out there and ESPN showed a Nice little graphic of Tommy's Tourney numbers and in his ten years of coaching he has been ONCE! Yeah and we still keep him around. We won't be any better next year(I hope I am wrong) and once again be on a NIT road. I say fire Tommy 5 games in so the new recruits can't go anywhere. We have some nice new talent coming with Harris and Legion but they wont get any better under Tommy, I mean all our seniors are the same players they were 4 years ago! Well onto the NIT, if I had tickets I wouldn't show up to support the NIT juggernaut we have become. Unless I'm sporting my NIT shirt of course...

Choking is for Kids

Yup *cough* *Cough*.. sorry I choked a bit. Choking is for kids, freshmen ect. Not for Seniors. Our guys played such a great game. OSU did not deserve to win that game. But when seniors miss dunks and miss free throws then yeah you are gonna lose. We didn't score one point for like what? 5 mins? For the last 5mins of the game we might as well have layed down on the court and took a nap. I mean seriosley. Smith did well until he went back to his old self and turned the ball over late in the game. This team has had it's chances this year and failed. How lucky are we that we get Minn and then OSU? in the Big Ten Tour. Another shot, someone above wants us to make it to the big dance. The bigger question is will we beat Minn? Last year we should have been a lock for that game and we didn't show up. I will say this, the team seems to be playing with more heart as of late and TA even got a T whitch is great for once, since it got the guys going. Some points I would like to make.
>Sims is finally gone, I will only spend a few more games throwing objects at my TV.
>I am ready to move on. I like Harris and I like Petway but I am very glad to get a clean start with some nice freshmen comming in.
>TA should be gone but won't be... One more year or I won't pay a cent to Michigan basketball until he is gone.
>I feel for Petway and Harris, those two deserved more. Abrum and Sims..BAH!

I felt like Michigan basketball was back for a 3Q's the other night and the air was taken out with the choking that went down. Will we get back? or lay down?

SIMS You're Missed Dunk ECHOED you're WHOLE CAREER

This pic says soft all over it. When he blew that dunk, he echoed his whole time here at Michigan. He was soft, up and down and the same guy he was when he was a freshmen. Good bye and have fun playing in the NDBL.

Petways head was awesome, thanks for the Memories

What ever happens, NIT or NCAA or whatever I will be doing a awards show for the team. Stay tuned!