Fight Club

Well looks like Jake Long got the best of Phillip Merling. He took a 1-2 punch at the monster from Michigan. It sounds like Jake didn't do much. I'm guess he gave him the "WTF are you doing? I could pick you up by your head look".

Long, who was much more surprised than hurt -- it actually looked a little bit like bullets bouncing off Superman's chest -- did not retaliate and the little scuffle was broken up quickly.

First Rule of Fight club.. Don't talk about Fight Club.

"I just stood there and took it," Long said. "It was just the heat of the moment. When you're working hard, stuff like that flares up. But it wasn't too much."

The full Story here

The Passion

I would like everyone to welcome our new writer Duane Breckenridge. This is his first post about how he became blue. I will be posting his posts until I get him a password. I hope you all enjoy!

My passion for the Michigan Wolverines stems back to when I first started watching college football. Since I've spent a significant amount of my life in Florida, it was quite weird that I didn't follow the likes of UF, FSU, and Miami, especially since those teams were among the elite during the early to mid-1990's. My father's Midwestern roots would lead me to follow Big Ten football. I was intrigued by the teams and the tradition.

The first Michigan game that I ever watched was versus Notre Dame in 1990. It was a tremendous introduction to what would later become a mandatory habit every fall from then on. From the fight song to the winged helmets, I was completely drawn into the greatness of Michigan football and the classic rivalry. It did not matter that the Wolverines would later lose that game by a close margin; I was and would always be a fan of the Maize and Blue from that point on.

Since I live in Florida, I have only been to the Big House a few times, but I have managed to see the Wolverines every time they have made it down here for a bowl game. Yes, that is a good and bad thing. Although it is a treat to see them play in a bowl game, a trip to Florida for New Years does not necessarily suffice. Most fans, including myself, would much rather see them play in the Rose Bowl.

In any case, I always enjoy watching the Wolverines and I am anticipating the upcoming season because it is the beginning of a new era. The years of Gary Moeller and Lloyd Carr were quite special as they continued the tradition that Bo instilled into Michigan football, but I have a sense that Rich Rodriguez is bringing in something completely different. I am referring to a new coaching philosophy and attitude. Michigan football has needed a change for quite some time and any true fan of the Maize and Blue must understand that a transition requires patience. Radical changes have been made in Ann Arbor and all of the fans await the results of what we expect to be a positive progression. The microscope will be placed above Michigan Stadium on August 30th when Rodriguez coaches his first game and that observation will continue into mid-November when the Wolverines travel to Columbus.

-Duane Breckenridge

In with the New...

Well this is it. The people have waited and now they are here. I for one was sad to see Nike get dropped. I am fan of Nike, I feel it's the best out there. This new Adidas jerseys are okay. It will take some time warming up to do. I hate how they have the huge Adidas logo right on the front. Why not just take the number off and put "Adidas" there instead. It's to damn big.

The aways I'm still not sure if I love em or hate them. It's gonna have to be a wait and see on those. Until the players put them on I can't tell or maybe even until they run onto the field. The most busy Michigan jersey for sure but I guess "we keepin up with the Jones". It's really not a big deal, the play on the field is more of a issue to me..

The Search for the chosen One's begins..

What aMAIZEing Ts is looking for.
-Someone who bleeds Blue
-Who can post once a week.
-Who can write some what or better then me..
-Who likes blogging
-Who will plug the blog

I am looking for 3-4 writers who can write about Michigan once a week. You can write about current issues with the team or it's players. You may write about the past. I would love to have a recruiting guru. I have a very loose sense of humor and so I have no issues expressing anything Michigan weather it's positive or negative. I like real feelings when it comes to writing. Example, if Michigan plays like crap and you want to vent about the game.. I welcome that. You also maybe called on to make an appearance on the R&R youtube show here and there. First I will ask the chosen one's to send me there posts but once I get to know you I will set you up on the blog with a User & password.

Writers will get a few bucks of T-shirts if they wish to buy.

How To Become Chosen?
-Email me at or message me through our myspace.
-Explain you're Michigan background or passion.
-If you have any blog experience
-If you are a expert at anything(like recruiting, history ect)

The "Search" starts July 11th and ends the 17th. So all entries most be submitted by the 17th! I will post all entries and their work for people to vote on through the weekend and through that Monday.

If this sounds like something that interest you then send an email my way.

Braylon Edwards says Good Luck!

Major Update

Will be redesining the blog soon. This one is just old now and makes me not want to post updates. New Shirts for the season will be coming soon as well. The blog will be sorta a mess so links to the store and other things may not work. Hang tight.


Well Mr.Grady was arrested on a DWI charge last night. This is a big let down since he was doing so well after his ACL tear and reports said he was becoming a force in the offence as well. It will be interresting to see how Rich handles this. Will he sit out a game? Who know... I do know this.. Kevin Grady is better then that.

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOOD) -- Kevin Grady, the former East Grand Rapids High School star running back and currently a member of the U-M Wolverines, was arrested in Wyoming early Wednesday morning for driving while impaired.

Grady, who didn't play much for the Wolverines this past season due to injuries, will be arraigned July 9.

Credit to WOOD TV 8 for breaking the story.

On a side note we will be cooking up some new shirts for the 08 season.