When it Rains... It Pours..

The wolverines have lost their last three games. Cold as could be.. Manny had his worst game ever vs PSU. Sims looked lost vs OSU and looked like he was some where else. Coach B said this team will struggle and he didn't lie. I am not sure if this team is gonna be dancing. I see NIT unless they get Hot soon. They have NW next who just beat MSU at MSU and so they could easily come into Crisler and win.

The NW is a must win. If they want anything to do with March Madness. Their schedule gets brutal coming up. UCONN,MSU Wis ect ec.. I don't have to explain. UM gonna have to find some heart because they have zero size and they need to start attacking the lane and grabbing boards. Thanks to some crap AAU coach our big ran off to Baylor.. I won't even say his name. That was a huge blow.

It's time for the team to either sink or swim. It's gotta start with NW.

Bj Mullens is classy

You better hope Manny didn't see this... Class act clown.

baby it's cold outside

I didn't get a chance to talk much about the UM loss to Ill but their isn't much to say other than no one showed up. Manny had an ugly 20pts, Sims went 3-14 and was owned by some skinny punk center. This game scares the hell out of me because all it takes is some size and UM is in big trouble, they really have no centers(sorry Zack Gibbson). I also get the feeling that some nights Sims just doesn't have the same energy he should. He looked like he was some where else most the game. Huge game vs the theeeeeeee Ohio state tonight. We need this one to keep up in the big ten race. 8-10 wins is the key.. We need number 4 today.

Thus God gave us youtube!!

Every Wed I will post UM youtubes to help us get through the week.

This one I made after the Capitol one Bowl.

Game Winner for UM

Braylon Edwards highlights, one of my favs..

Not many get to see the UM basketball plays entrance.

Some 1989 love... 20 years later.

Hawkeye's handled

It was a great game from start to finish for my Wolverines, as they beat up on Iowa 64-49. It wasn't even that close. UM played it best D since the Duke game and went inside-out on offense..Finally! To the Rundown!

The Rundown!

Manny Harris: Filled up the stats as always. Having 18 points and some nice drives to basket. Shot only 4 threes. Had a few TO that could have been avoided but good game.

Deshawn Sims: Great game, played tough on the inside. Had 16pts. Would have had more but a few shots just rimed out.

Kelvin Grady: Another solid game form the former EGR star. 8pts and 4 dimes with "0" TOs! Been playing very well.

LLM: As you know I mean Perry but call him "mack". Had a nice game. Got to the lane and knocked in a few 3s. He been a huge boots for this team.

Zack Novack: Not his best shooting day but still makes great basketball plays and HOBO's.

Zack Gibbson: Once again Zack had a rough game. 1-5 and 1 reb.. Yes you read that right. He's lucky he's 6-9ish..

Michigan plays at 8:30pm at Ill on wed. Could a very tough game to win. Um doesn't have much experience on the road and Ill is gonna be looking for pay back. A huge win if UM can pull it off.

Holy Indiana!

90% of the UM vs IU game was spent me cussing at the TV. It was pretty frustrating watching 3 ball after 3 ball go up only to be clunked off the rim. Most of yelling consisted of "It's not you're night!" "Manny yea drive ball, what? NO don't Jack that Three!" "Take it to the f-ing hole!" "You know it's not against the rules to shoot inside the 3-point arc?". I was scaring my wife most the night.

Then a funny thing happened. UM started playing D and IU started looking like IU. A few 3s dropped and before you know it we have a ball game. You gotta give CJ Lee all the props in the world for coming in and hitting those two huge 3s. You also gotta admire Coach B for having the nuts to bench his superstar when he isn't producing for a walk on.

I want to thank Devan Dumes for taking it to the rack when he should have pulled it out and let UM foul him. That lead to Little Laval Lucas-Mack hitting that last three to tie the game. It was ugly as hell but the air just went out of Assembly Hall. I knew if UM could force it into OT they would win. In OT IU choked hard and missed seven FTs. UM played just good enough to win with a few scares mixed in. One being Manny Fouled on a 3-point shot. It was a big time bone head move and then Grady stepping out of bounds at the end almost giving IU light. Overall a very rough game but it gotta make you feel good that this team finds a way where Amakers Teams always found a way to lose. Now if they could just play Defense..

The Rundown

Manny Harris: Rough Game. Jacked a lot of bad 3s. Terrible foul on a 3-point shooter. Needs to get back to attacking the rim more. Did hit some big FTs and one three down the stretch.

Deshawn Sims: Solid game, needed more touches. Seemed like IU had a hard time with him but UM failed to get the ball to him enough. Jacked two many bad threes(like everyone).

Zack Novak: Played very Hard tonight and even looked like a leader at some points. Didn't shoot the best but put it all out there. Had a huge play when he kept a reb alive to Sims.

CJ Lee: Played hard as well and the walk on caption hit two huge 3s. Well played sir..

Laval Lucas-Mack: Played a good game. Shot a few quick 3s but was a big reason why UM won the game. He has came on strong and looks like a great transfer. He missed a few bunnies but played better D then most.

Kelvin Grady: Ok game for Grady, Hit a few threes. Never really got out on the break(where he shines). He did step out at the end but other that, nice night.

Zack Gibson: He frustrates me more than most. He travels every time he touches the ball. He just looks awkward out there. He didn't play well and see's the floor for his size alone. He is avging 2.2 rebs a game! Mr.Novak is avging 2.6 rebs a game.... Yikes. Needs to improve.

Stu Douglass: Still a bit unsure while on the court but hit a nice 3 when needed and doesn't do much to anger me. For me he's in the middle. He hasn't followed up that UCLA game yet.

Make sure to watch Michigan take on Iowa this Sunday at 11:30am.


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