R&R Show 4! Trashing BTN! Wanna Host?

Sorry we got the show up so late this week. Ryan had to run to Vegas and blow tons of dollars on $50 stakes and hang out with beautiful women. So the show is late and we are sorry. We talk NW game(a little bit),Mario and trash the hell out of the BTN and comcast. We are also having a drawing for a guest host to come on the show. So if you are interested please leave you're name and email in the comments section. If you are viewing this through myspace, please leave you're name in the posted blog on myspace or message me it. The tapping for the show will be for the Purdue game. You must be available on Tue around 4pm to do this show, its through the phone.. So you gotta have one of those too. We will have the drawing on the next upcoming show, so you only have tell Oct 7th to get you're name in! Thanks for listening! GO BLUE!


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