Michigan vs MSU

Well, its been awhile. Been busy with new the new job and what not. I did how ever get a chance to watch the UM vs Minn game and I didn't see the same team I saw at the OSU game. But that's what we come to expect. One night a solid team and the next night a JV basketball team. C.Sims seems to becoming around but he's soft as hell and still makes me nervous when he touches the ball. Tonight is it for Michigan. If they when we can hang onto that glimmer of hope for the big dance, a lose=NIT. Even if we do find a way to win this game then we still have to beat them again and beat OSU and make a good run in the Big Ten tourney. That's my feeling. Can they win this game? Yes. Will they show up? I'll say there is a 39% chance this team shows up and win. Good luck...


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