These Cats are playing D1?

Well after another great showing by our JV Wolverine basketball team, I figured I would put these players in there place. Half this Team should be playing D2 or lower.
First and for most I won't throw the Freshmen under the bus because they have been a small bright spot in this nasty season. So who do I think she being playing for a team like Ferris State?
The Ferris State Bulldogs

Ferris state is a small D2..or D3? college up in Big Rapids Michigan. The Wolverines have a number of players who should be balling here and not in the big ten.
Courtney Sims

The picture says it all. He probably got the ball knocked away and then lost it to the opponent and then fouled him at half court. Just one of the many reasons he should be playing for Ferris or some other D2 school. I never seen a player get worse every year. Part of the blame I put on TA but the rest on C.Sims. He's weak and sad. He's about as intense as Eeyore

Jerret Smith

This where smith should be most of the time, if not all of the time. He down right awful. He wearing NBA gear in this pic and that's joke right? He couldn't even hack it at PSU if he was playing there and so I put him in his place. With the Ferris State Bulldogs. I'm not sure if he could even get time there. I never thought I would see a PG who dribbles and passes worse than Avery Queen

but Smith came to Michigan and prove it can be done. I wouldn't pick this kid at the park.. but some how he plays for us.

Ron Coleman

Well I had hope for Ron early on but now is all lost as he is like Sims in that he just gets worse and not better at all(like most the team). He got a nice jumper but He D is down right awful and couldn't guard Lil Penny

If he had had to. He got a D2 shot but D3 D and thus should be playing for FSU.

Lester Abram

Wow what happened to Lester? I know the cat has been hurt but he's been slow and ZZZzzzzZZ at best. What he is like 29! years old now and still can't ball with the Big Ten? After getting hurt he should have left the team for Ferris. At least he could have made a all D2 Team.. That's a maybe. Then again he should have quit after got better cause if he keeps going he may look like this

by the age of 35.

Jevohn Shepherd, Dion Harris,and Brent Petway get away this time but only for these reasons.
Jevohn-Plays hard.. that's it.
Harris-The only one with D1 Talent when he shows up.
Petway-Has passion at least and looks like he gives a crap. Still the same player he was 4 years ago...

This maybe Harsh but I can't stand this team anymore. I also got the great news TA will be with us another year. This great in the sense we don't lose our good recruits(yeah I know a shocker, we have good guys coming in!) but bad cause TA can't develop any body. So I hope he's fired by mid season. Probably not.. He should be coaching here

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  1. Brad said...
    Funny stuff man. I agree completely with you. You would think that these guys can make a run into the ncaa's, they're all seniors and have been playing together so long they shouldn't let Minnesota almost take them to OT at home. They definetly shouldn't be giving up a 13 pt. halftime lead to Iowa, then getting OWNED in the 2nd half to lose by 7 also at home. This team is a joke. I was actually pretty pumped that this would be the year for them to finally get into the NCAA'S.

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