BEST BUY!!! .. and Football.

Even if Michigan ends up losing the bowl game, at least Mike Hart gets a New PS3. The Vibe I have gotten from the news is that everyone is thinking about next year and kids are not happy about coach's being fired. In my last post I said Mallet isn't going anywhere and to stop talking about it. I was wrong....

"I'm not concentrating on that right now," Mallett said during Wednesday's media function as Michigan prepares for the Capital One Bowl against Florida on Jan. 1. "We're going to play a bowl game. I'm not going to talk about (my future) right now."

What will factor in on Ryan staying?

"That's big," Mallett said. "He recruited me and everything. So it's kind of
important. We're going to see how it plays out."

I hope RR keeps Scot Loeffler but it's looking bleak. I have heard Scot has many offers from other schools. He's a Pro style teacher of the game. I just don't see RR keeping him. I think Ryan could be awesome in RR's O but he has to give it a chance. I think Ryan maybe 50/50 right now. Speaking of Ryan, take a look at this bizarre picture. Not sure why it's so mind boggling to me but it is..

I don't know maybe it's just me. But it's weird.

On to the Best Buy shopping spree!

So I guess the team got some nice things. They work hard so it is deserved. I just hope all this crap doesn't hurt them for the game. With all the things flying around on this team, I just can't see them winning this game. I hate to say it but it hurts. The Gators are a very good team. I hope we win but it's gonna be tough. Guys are just thinking about next year or the NFL. Carr deserves a win but it maybe impossible for this team to focus on it and come out and match the Gator speed.


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