Big Break Over

Well to any of my readers, I have been on a big break. Since Thanksgiving. Alot has happened since then.. Like Michigan has hired a new coach, Michigan Basketball still sucks, Tons of Mallett rumors and I got a Michigan Mini Helmet for Xmas. Lets start with the new head man in AA.

RR in AA

Do I like the hire? Yes. I do have a few worries with this hire. Let run with my worries.

-Will our WR become nothing but blockers and zombies who catch 5-10 yard passes. Are the days of long bombs to the special #1 jersey over? I can't think of one good WR. That could because I can throw better then Pat White. I just don't wanna see our WR Talent be wasted and "if" we keep getting that "NFL" WR Talent we have always had.

-That bring me to my next worry. How will Michigan players do at the next level under RR? The spread really will not get you ready for the NFL. Michigan has always had lots of good pros. I feel that may go away with not having Pro style QB's and funny spread O's. I feel College football maybe getting to the point where if you wanna win you run the Spread. If you wanna put out good pros(unless you are USC)and lose, run the pro style. I guess time will tell.

-Is the Spread the real deal? Or is it a flash in the pan? I remember when the Option was the rage, now I really don't think it works well at all unless you are playing NCAA 08 on the XBox 360. I guess the Spread has been solid but I have my worries with almost everyone going to it.

-3-3-5? What the hell is that? This is a big worry. That if he does go with this that it will be long days in the Big Ten. The Wiss's of the worlds would run all day on this. I don't know much about it but I will say I don't like it.... for what ever reason.

-Will anything be lost? Number one jerseys etc? I hope not. I love what Michigan offers with all its history. I hope RR keeps it alive.

As for as getting kids to come to UM. I think the place does the job for you at times. So I am not worried about it. I know he can get kids to come. I do like the hire. It brings Michigan up with the times. It was needed. We don't wanna be the next Miami or FSU. Next years UM team won't look a thing like this years. All new starters and Offence. Its gonna be bizarre...

Michigan Basketball Still Sucks

Found this on google and it gave me a chuckle. Gone are the days of Cwebb, Rose and others posing for pics. Now we have..... Reed...A kid who isn't on the team anymore. I know its gonna take a bit for coach B to work some magic but its been so long and this team is pretty bad. Getting beat by TA was bad but it being "Harvard" made it even worse. If Coach B had to win one game this season it was that one. They did alright when UCLA came to town. I think we are 3 years away from getting to the big dance. I think we said that when TA first showed up... Sigh..

Ryan Mallett Leaving?

NO! Stop asking and talking about it!

I also got a Mini UM Helmet for xmas. Its cool. Well be back in a few days for the bowl game. The last old fashion Michigan football game ever maybe.


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