Odds & Ends & Toes

The "Toe"

We I saw Bennie go down, I figure it must be an ankle or maybe a tear in the heel. Something bad... Nope a Toe... A freaking toe. Yes big Bennie Wells was carted of due to a toe. I really question this guys toughness and wouldn't be surprised if he was an NFL bust(Like most OSU RBs). Could you see Mike Hart being carted off the field due to a hurt toe? It's not even broken! I dunno I thought it was very "pussy". Like he couldn't get up and hop off the field. Good luck Bennie.. Don't break a nail.

The Utah Game
I haven't talked at all since the game. I expected what I saw. It just sucked. We all had it so good when we didn't have to worry about QB play. Nick was awful, he looked like a walk on. Threet was a bit better but missed some easy throws(first down pass to Stonum..Duh!). I expect to see Threet start vs Miami. He also screwed the 2pt conversion twice in one play. First by not making the correct read and giving it to Sam for a easy run in 2pts and not hitting Clemons who was open. Speaking of Sam, my jaw dropped when I saw that he was starting. He showed flashes but a few times forgot that this wasn't high school anymore and tried to run backwards when the holes weren't open. I still can't wait to see more of this kid. minor had great burst, I will say that. He looked faster but once again he put the ball on the turf and he still needs to correct this until then I expect him in spot work. Brown.. Not sure if he's hurt or what but I want morrrrrr... We will see. The o-line I won't even get into. Its a mess. MgoBlog handled that mess today so I didn't have to. We will see what D shows up this week. Besides Obi Ezeh who looked more like David Harris the rest of the LBs were awful. I expect Mouton to start soon, which I thought he should have anyway. Warren made a few mistakes but the D showed what it can do. Duane will have a game review with Grades very soon.

The Refs
Not blaming the refs for the lose because Michigan beat Michigan but they were very bad in some spots. The missed neutral zone call and the no flag on the play clock as it hit zero before the snap of the 53 yard FG Utah hit. It would have made it a 58 yard FG attempt. Little things like that do hurt.

Tate is coming..
We got a verbal from Tate Forcier. If I were him and saw that game, hell I would have gave my verbal too. He has a great chance of starting next year. With a 78% comp in high school as a Jr is very impressive. Can't wait tell he gets here.

Grady back?
Looks like Kevin Grady will be back vs Miami. I was thinking he should have been gone until the Big Ten season but RR sees different. I wonder if he will even get a shot at RB? Unless Grady comes out and surprises us with greatness he has been sorta of a bust. Then again he was built for Carr's Michigan team and not Rods. He still wasn't as good even in Carr's O. Welcome back Kevin, don't blow it.


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