Message Board Idiocy

Yanks at it again, a local idiot over at the scout board.

I have been one of the biggest advocates of putting Feagin in from the beginning, and everyone kept on bashing me and continues to. They cant admit that they were wrong, so they use that he only had 35 yds and then 6 carries for 15 yards. The problem with saying that is that the offensive line didnt block at all today. Most of the yards on the ground were because of the big plays by Minor, Shaw and Feagin. If the o line actually blocked today, Feagin would have probably had 70-80 yards, seeing how bad Minnesota was when the guys got through the defensive line.
People bash you because of the things you have said about Nick know...that guy who won the football game today? Are you ready to "admit you are wrong"?


You called Nick Sheridan childish names and then you come out and try to lecture people about saying how right you are. Look at how wrong you are, Nick played the best of any QB this season who you bashed. You said the oline played awful, that is so wrong it's not even funny. They pushed the Minn line around all day, even dumb ass Pam Ward saw that and commented on it. When the team has a big day on the ground it isn't because the line sucked... They had their best game of the season.

The Whole Justin thing is dumb too.. Dominated? Are you serious? He came in and had a few nice runs. Juice Williams dominated us, when you throw for 300 yards and run for 100 yards and a handful of TDs. Justin came in and played well for about 6 snaps? No one owns you anything. You're contradicting yourself all the time. Instead of this dumb thread you should have made one about how wrong you were about Nick Sheridan.


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