The Streak Continues.

The Michigan Wolverines have slipped into a horrendous 2-6 record here in 2008 and things are a bit upside down in the world I know as college football. The past two weeks were quite disappointing, but as the losing streak goes along… one tends to be desensitized to a certain degree. Numb or comatose could also fairly describe the postgame feelings of a Michigan football fan ever since the win over the Wisconsin Badgers back on Sept. 27th.

I would say that this season has been long due to the losing, but I would be lying. The truth is that the 2008 season has been too fast in general and believe me- that's fucking great! I would rather a season such as this go by as quickly as possible. I'm still rooting heavily for the maize and blue as always, but the loss to MSU last week was a will breaker to say the least because I know that the Wolverines are most likely not heading to a bowl game. The PSU loss was expected I guess, but still a disappointment and yes… the same ole shit.

Same ole shit consists of:

1. Teams inability to put a complete game together.
2. Lack of consistency on offense.
3. Failure to score more than 7 points in a 2nd half.
4. Erratic QB play
5. Turnovers
6. Poor tackling by a supposed veteran defense.
7. Horrendous secondary play (worst I've seen ever)
8. Stevie Brown
9. Stevie Brown
10. Lack of solid leadership.

I guess that the best thing that we fans can hope for is a BIG win to end the season and I don't even have to say who that opponent is. Let's just say that it would be the equivalent to a Super Bowl victory. However, I'm somewhat of a realist so hopefully the Wolverines at least keep that little ugly jug in Ann Arbor. Umm… wait… I'm looking ahead past Purdue this weekend and I shouldn’t, especially since the Toledo debacle.

Go Blue! Beat Purdue!


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