Hawkeye's handled

It was a great game from start to finish for my Wolverines, as they beat up on Iowa 64-49. It wasn't even that close. UM played it best D since the Duke game and went inside-out on offense..Finally! To the Rundown!

The Rundown!

Manny Harris: Filled up the stats as always. Having 18 points and some nice drives to basket. Shot only 4 threes. Had a few TO that could have been avoided but good game.

Deshawn Sims: Great game, played tough on the inside. Had 16pts. Would have had more but a few shots just rimed out.

Kelvin Grady: Another solid game form the former EGR star. 8pts and 4 dimes with "0" TOs! Been playing very well.

LLM: As you know I mean Perry but call him "mack". Had a nice game. Got to the lane and knocked in a few 3s. He been a huge boots for this team.

Zack Novack: Not his best shooting day but still makes great basketball plays and HOBO's.

Zack Gibbson: Once again Zack had a rough game. 1-5 and 1 reb.. Yes you read that right. He's lucky he's 6-9ish..

Michigan plays at 8:30pm at Ill on wed. Could a very tough game to win. Um doesn't have much experience on the road and Ill is gonna be looking for pay back. A huge win if UM can pull it off.


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