When it Rains... It Pours..

The wolverines have lost their last three games. Cold as could be.. Manny had his worst game ever vs PSU. Sims looked lost vs OSU and looked like he was some where else. Coach B said this team will struggle and he didn't lie. I am not sure if this team is gonna be dancing. I see NIT unless they get Hot soon. They have NW next who just beat MSU at MSU and so they could easily come into Crisler and win.

The NW is a must win. If they want anything to do with March Madness. Their schedule gets brutal coming up. UCONN,MSU Wis ect ec.. I don't have to explain. UM gonna have to find some heart because they have zero size and they need to start attacking the lane and grabbing boards. Thanks to some crap AAU coach our big ran off to Baylor.. I won't even say his name. That was a huge blow.

It's time for the team to either sink or swim. It's gotta start with NW.


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