The Search for the chosen One's begins..

What aMAIZEing Ts is looking for.
-Someone who bleeds Blue
-Who can post once a week.
-Who can write some what or better then me..
-Who likes blogging
-Who will plug the blog

I am looking for 3-4 writers who can write about Michigan once a week. You can write about current issues with the team or it's players. You may write about the past. I would love to have a recruiting guru. I have a very loose sense of humor and so I have no issues expressing anything Michigan weather it's positive or negative. I like real feelings when it comes to writing. Example, if Michigan plays like crap and you want to vent about the game.. I welcome that. You also maybe called on to make an appearance on the R&R youtube show here and there. First I will ask the chosen one's to send me there posts but once I get to know you I will set you up on the blog with a User & password.

Writers will get a few bucks of T-shirts if they wish to buy.

How To Become Chosen?
-Email me at or message me through our myspace.
-Explain you're Michigan background or passion.
-If you have any blog experience
-If you are a expert at anything(like recruiting, history ect)

The "Search" starts July 11th and ends the 17th. So all entries most be submitted by the 17th! I will post all entries and their work for people to vote on through the weekend and through that Monday.

If this sounds like something that interest you then send an email my way.

Braylon Edwards says Good Luck!


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