Well Mr.Grady was arrested on a DWI charge last night. This is a big let down since he was doing so well after his ACL tear and reports said he was becoming a force in the offence as well. It will be interresting to see how Rich handles this. Will he sit out a game? Who know... I do know this.. Kevin Grady is better then that.

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOOD) -- Kevin Grady, the former East Grand Rapids High School star running back and currently a member of the U-M Wolverines, was arrested in Wyoming early Wednesday morning for driving while impaired.

Grady, who didn't play much for the Wolverines this past season due to injuries, will be arraigned July 9.

Credit to WOOD TV 8 for breaking the story.

On a side note we will be cooking up some new shirts for the 08 season.


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