The Passion

I would like everyone to welcome our new writer Duane Breckenridge. This is his first post about how he became blue. I will be posting his posts until I get him a password. I hope you all enjoy!

My passion for the Michigan Wolverines stems back to when I first started watching college football. Since I've spent a significant amount of my life in Florida, it was quite weird that I didn't follow the likes of UF, FSU, and Miami, especially since those teams were among the elite during the early to mid-1990's. My father's Midwestern roots would lead me to follow Big Ten football. I was intrigued by the teams and the tradition.

The first Michigan game that I ever watched was versus Notre Dame in 1990. It was a tremendous introduction to what would later become a mandatory habit every fall from then on. From the fight song to the winged helmets, I was completely drawn into the greatness of Michigan football and the classic rivalry. It did not matter that the Wolverines would later lose that game by a close margin; I was and would always be a fan of the Maize and Blue from that point on.

Since I live in Florida, I have only been to the Big House a few times, but I have managed to see the Wolverines every time they have made it down here for a bowl game. Yes, that is a good and bad thing. Although it is a treat to see them play in a bowl game, a trip to Florida for New Years does not necessarily suffice. Most fans, including myself, would much rather see them play in the Rose Bowl.

In any case, I always enjoy watching the Wolverines and I am anticipating the upcoming season because it is the beginning of a new era. The years of Gary Moeller and Lloyd Carr were quite special as they continued the tradition that Bo instilled into Michigan football, but I have a sense that Rich Rodriguez is bringing in something completely different. I am referring to a new coaching philosophy and attitude. Michigan football has needed a change for quite some time and any true fan of the Maize and Blue must understand that a transition requires patience. Radical changes have been made in Ann Arbor and all of the fans await the results of what we expect to be a positive progression. The microscope will be placed above Michigan Stadium on August 30th when Rodriguez coaches his first game and that observation will continue into mid-November when the Wolverines travel to Columbus.

-Duane Breckenridge


  1. Tabitha said...
    So GLAD to see you here!!!!! Of course I know you are a diehard like myself....can't wait to read your stuff!!!!! GoBlue baby!!!!
    Carl said...
    Good read. The Blue Passion comes from all over the world(: GO BLUE!

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