Get Loud Crew 08-09

It's that time again. Wanna join the loudest Group in the Big House? If you like telling old farts behind you to shut up when they say "down in front" then you belong in the GLC. We strive for cheering and making the big house loud. Will people yell at you? Yes.. But it's our duty as fans to stand and cheer.

This year I am out to make the cheapest shirts possible. This year it will either be white or Maize to keep costs down. I will also make one without the list of names to make it even cheaper. The last few years we have done well with this shirt, many names have went on it. I have seen people wearing them at the Big House. It's great to be apart of the GLC, we have a mission and that is to be the loudest kids in the stadium.

Now if you want on the back of this shirt.

Just leave a comment in this post with your name. You then will be added to the shirt. If you are a Michigan Alum please put your year of graduation next to your name. If you leave your email as well I will send out a mass email when the shirts are ready. They will be ready a week before UTAH, if not sooner.

Just click comments in the left hand corner of the post, then click Name/URL and add yourself.

I am no longer using myspace as a sign up. If you want on the shirt you must comment on this blog topic! Do not leave names in my comments section on myspace. I just don't get to myspace enough.

Thanks to all who join! Just click "comments" up in the left hand corner to leave your name you want on the shirt.

There is a Poll on the right of the page. It has possible sayings for the back of the shirt. Please vote. The high vote will be put on the back of the shirt.

Deadline for sign ups in Aug 8th 2008. One week for sign ups!

If you have any questions please email me at



  1. Scott Cooper said...
    put me on BABE!!! GO BLUE

    Scott Cooper
    Ryan said...
    Thanks for the support
    Aj Chavez said...
    Either Aj Chavez




    Chavo is fine
    Tabitha said...
    Add me to that shirt ASAP!!! GoBlue!!!!

    Tabitha West
    Mike Weber
    Anonymous said...
    Hey i got a couple of names if i could.... Jeff Pohlman Andy Pohlman Troy Flowers Pat Comstock THese are all true Michigan fans and would love to have these shirts GO BLUE!!!
    JJ said...
    can you please add me and my friends on this shirt. they are JJ Rominski, Jeff Pohlman, and Andy Pohlman. thank you.
    Anonymous said...
    Plez put us down!
    Stan & Liz Cetnor '92
    Joe said...
    Joe O'Dell
    Ryan Aylsworth said...
    JJ you and your Friends are on the shirt. Thanks.
    Scott Cooper said...
    plz add my son with my name as well!!

    Scott Cooper
    Tyler Cooper
    Obes said...
    definitely put me on the shirt, hopefully i'll be able to wear it against MSU

    Obes Nwabara
    Anonymous said...
    Tyler Bailey

    lets get loud boys!

    GO BLUE!
    Anonymous said...
    I'm in.

    Anthony Lange '03
    Mike St Charles said...
    Please put me on it! And i would love to purchase a few shirts.

    Mike St Charles
    Mike St Charles said...
    My Email is
    Please put me on the shirt, the guy who sits behind me for 14 years now. He needs to read this shirt.

    Mike St Charles
    Widom11 said...
    davenmon said...
    Great idea. I want on. I want on every year.

    Anonymous said...
    Anonymous said...
    We're in!

    Benjamin Cook & Angie Lane
    Tabitha said...
    here is my email also....I of course MUST purchase one of these!!!

    Anonymous said...
    Please add:

    Teresa Leung '03
    Darryl Jenkins said...
    Darryl Jenkins
    Threet76 said...
    Anthony Threet
    Tristan Threet
    Threet76 said...
    This comment has been removed by the author.
    matt said...
    Fantastic idea! Mark me down as:

    Matt Anderson
    KingOfAmerica said...
    These shirts are a must, sir! Please add King of America to the shirt, post haste!
    nrasey said...
    Noah Rasey

    go coach, new crowd!
    Alkards said...
    Alex Kardos
    Brian Kardos
    Bob Kardos
    Rick Kardos

    Finally, a shirt to describe our feelings so we don't have to miss game time turning around to argue with an idiot
    Anonymous said...
    Isaac Wang '07
    Andrew Pozniak said...
    Andrew Pozniak
    Anonymous said...
    Great Idea! Just what the Big House needs. Please put us down: Sean Moran, Laurel Moran, Mackenzie Moran, and Logan Moran.
    Jesse said...
    Love the idea, put me on the shirt as well. Blue will go ATLEAST 9-3 this year, I'm callin it. Go Blue!

    Jesse Thill
    Anonymous said...
    Hell YES!!! GET LOUD! From an old 44 yr old michigan man living in Maryland!
    Chris Schaffer said...
    really cool thing your doing here.. GO BLUE

    Chris Schaffer

    heres my e-mail:

    I'll definetly buy one!!
    Anonymous said...
    hey, add me too!!

    Ali Phillips, '11 :o)
    Anonymous said...
    qpgfcpvpsvnqbultxxlt, nail Fungus cure, osQcoJJ?

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