Gone for a few days

I Will be camping for the newt few days. When I get back I will be starting on the Get Loud Crew Shirts. Thanks to all who added their names. The winning phrase on the back will be "You Can sit at home!".

While posting on mlive and trying to get people to join up for our cause, I got this repley to one of the topics..

It is NOT your right to stand and block the view of the people behind you. Yell all you want but people pay for SEATS and it is their right to use them. So grow up and learn that other people have rights too.

My Reponse was..

Then stand the hell up! I wish there were no seats in the big house. Everyone in that damn place should stand up. We would stand for the whole game at our High school games. Students and parents. If you wanna sit stay at home. Go be 80 and drink a warm glass of milk.

He did not respond... Other then that.. Everyone welcomed the group with open arms! Thanks again and look for the shirt soon. I will send out an email to all who left theres when the shirts are ready.



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