Message Board Idiocy

This a new thing I am gonna do. I may catch alot of heat for this.. I may catch none. I hang around the UM message boards alot. I see idiocy everyday on UM Boards. Some of the things people say amaze me.. Alot of times they leave me speechless.

I will post a few threads and posts of down right "are you for realz?" posts from Scout/UmGoBlue and Mlive(the worst message board).

How about running a 2 quarterback system?

Have Threet/Cone and Feagin split time. Feagin would be a great change of pace, and would keep the defense off balance and confused. I am one of the posters on here that believe Feagin should start, but since others and the coaches don't seem to agree, I am proposing a 2 QB system.

I fully believe that Feagin should start already. Hopefully, he starts on Saturday for the game against little brother
By yanks26ngoin

Now Yanks has 730 post and you would figure have some sort of wits about him. Threet/Cone? This almost seems like one big joke. For 1. We have Threet who is the best QB on our roster. 2. Sheridan won the third string job over Cone last season on Carrs team(that says something). 3.These coach's know these player inside and out. Watch them Practice everyday. Believe it or not, they know who got the goods. 4.Cone is a DII player at best and Justin so so wet behind the ears he standing in a puddle.

Now you think we are losing now, wait tell this high octane combo hits the field. We will have more 3 and outs then rushing yards. INT will double. Cone and Feagin combo? Are you serious? For real?


GTFO. he is the worst player ive ever seen play qb. he's a joke, and i seriously hate him. who let him on this team? he sucks.

By wolvs05

Another high post count of almost 4000. Now I will agree that Nick is bad and should be no where near a D1 playing field. With that said he was put into this playing situation By Mallett transfer and many QB recruits who didn't sign on to UM last year, forcing RR to take the "not ready" Justin Feagin. yanks26ngoin responds with another award winning post...

"ho do you think? our very own coach, the guy who most people love to death, Rich Rodriguez"

Wrong wrong and wrong. Nick walked on under Carr. He was added to the team to be a practice player. That was supposed to be his role. Due to the things mentioned above he was thrown into a playing role.

I am sure Nick knows he doesn't belong out there. He knew when he walked onto the team. It's not his fault. He plays with the tools he has. Those Tools are DII tools. He does what he can. Now again on the topic of hating on players. They are not getting paid, in Nicks case he never intended to play. When you say you hate him.. I mean you sound like you need more to do outside Michigan football. How can you hate someone you never met or someone who knows they are over there head? If RR had a choice or better QBs he wouldn't be playing.

A Great post from Skeletor on this topic.

"Sheridan deserves our sympathy, circumstance pushed him into a situation that he can't handle. It's not his fault, he's a better football player than most of us here and yet he comes short at that level. Also, he is very inexperienced and that is a valid excuse.

But also don't forget that all but a very few players will eventually get to a level where they come short, Sheridan made it further than a lot of kids. He does not need to be ridiculed or hated for the fact he probably isn't good enough to be Michigan's QB.

I am saying this because it is not right if the frustration and disgust of our fanbase is directed towards that kid, that's a very nasty thing and it's not just that he's a collegiate athlete, it's that this is a kid for whom Michigan isn't some stop on the route to the NFL, a stint in the minors, this is it for that guy. There's no need for that guy to walk around the rest of his life with that tag "Sheridan that QB who was effin terrible"

Skeletor says it way better then I could. Hits it on the head. Stop hating on college kids.. This College kid came to college to get an education.. Not to play football.

Wolvs05 ends with another classy post...

"yeah well its his fault he blows."

Isn't UM a "private" college?

This one comes from the UMGoBLUE board. I am not welcomed there and do not post. I do lurk and I found this.

I just read something saying it's a public school??? I always thought it was private. Now I'm confused "

Poster Fonzie has over 500 post. He's a big fan. Just a dumb question.. I mean we all ask them but I just found this one funny. Here are a few responses.

"Michigan, UCLA, and Cal-Berkeley are usually considered the top public universities in the country. "

"There is a reason that it's called the University of Michigan and not Ann Arbor College."
This was posted by a buckeye fan and is very flawed and is wrong.

"I'm confused...what does any of this have to do with football? "

from the worst UM board.. MLive...

I believe Michigan Football

is headed (almost there) for the Big 10 basement and will stay there for several years, RR has the talent e.g. (1st half of PSU game) but they team quit e.g. (2nd half of PSU game) The only fix I see is to rid ourselves of Bill M. and Lloyd C and RR and staff and beg Les to reconsider.

By NColbert

Just wow.. I don't even know where to start. First off, we have the talent? Scroll down the blog and check out where our 05 Senior class has gone. The team did not quit. Threet got hurt and our back up is over his head. PSU is that good too IMO. Get rid of Carr? Ahh.. You do know he is not the football coach right? Carr gave his soul to this university. I hate to break it to you but he's our "Bo" now. With adding Carr into you're idiot post you lost you're right to even be listen to. I got news for you, RR isn't going anywhere. You will be cheering UM when things turn around and it's so sad.

A few Responses

"The difference between the first half of the State Penn game and second half was the QB play you idiot. Threet in the game = Michigan scoring. Sheridan in the game = Michigan not scoring.

I know that you're just a troll and making outlandish statements is your thing but I felt the need to call you out anyhow."

"young team and they're gonna be inconsistent. Also, psu didn't play their best half of football either. Sheridan's horrible and when he had to come in, it was over. Sorry you feel this way. Don't break an ankle jumping off the bandwagon. "

"congratulations, you just won the award for "MORON of the day"."

Well that it for the idiocy of the day. I hope to have more next week.


  1. Yankssucksdickatgloryholes said...
    yanks is one of the biggest douchebags on GBW. He wants others banned because he doesn't like what they say yet he goes off and makes idiotic posts ridiculing players on the team. I hope Sheridan meets him and pops him in the face. Or better yet, picks Yanks up and drops him like that football player did to the hockey player. May yanks get run over by a Zamboni.
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