Choking is for Kids

Yup *cough* *Cough*.. sorry I choked a bit. Choking is for kids, freshmen ect. Not for Seniors. Our guys played such a great game. OSU did not deserve to win that game. But when seniors miss dunks and miss free throws then yeah you are gonna lose. We didn't score one point for like what? 5 mins? For the last 5mins of the game we might as well have layed down on the court and took a nap. I mean seriosley. Smith did well until he went back to his old self and turned the ball over late in the game. This team has had it's chances this year and failed. How lucky are we that we get Minn and then OSU? in the Big Ten Tour. Another shot, someone above wants us to make it to the big dance. The bigger question is will we beat Minn? Last year we should have been a lock for that game and we didn't show up. I will say this, the team seems to be playing with more heart as of late and TA even got a T whitch is great for once, since it got the guys going. Some points I would like to make.
>Sims is finally gone, I will only spend a few more games throwing objects at my TV.
>I am ready to move on. I like Harris and I like Petway but I am very glad to get a clean start with some nice freshmen comming in.
>TA should be gone but won't be... One more year or I won't pay a cent to Michigan basketball until he is gone.
>I feel for Petway and Harris, those two deserved more. Abrum and Sims..BAH!

I felt like Michigan basketball was back for a 3Q's the other night and the air was taken out with the choking that went down. Will we get back? or lay down?

SIMS You're Missed Dunk ECHOED you're WHOLE CAREER

This pic says soft all over it. When he blew that dunk, he echoed his whole time here at Michigan. He was soft, up and down and the same guy he was when he was a freshmen. Good bye and have fun playing in the NDBL.

Petways head was awesome, thanks for the Memories

What ever happens, NIT or NCAA or whatever I will be doing a awards show for the team. Stay tuned!


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