No Show Senior Day

Well the game came and went and I must say they made it a great effort but a few seniors made their more than common "No Show". You just can't turn the ball over 15+ times and have Harris shot 1-13. I mean one should have gone in out of luck alone. I just wanna get the season over with and get onto the new class. Sims didn't do much, he was beat to hell by Oden all day(Can't blame him). Lester had a good game for once. At least he showed up and Peyway does what he always has, dunk and reb. It was a Tommy team out there and ESPN showed a Nice little graphic of Tommy's Tourney numbers and in his ten years of coaching he has been ONCE! Yeah and we still keep him around. We won't be any better next year(I hope I am wrong) and once again be on a NIT road. I say fire Tommy 5 games in so the new recruits can't go anywhere. We have some nice new talent coming with Harris and Legion but they wont get any better under Tommy, I mean all our seniors are the same players they were 4 years ago! Well onto the NIT, if I had tickets I wouldn't show up to support the NIT juggernaut we have become. Unless I'm sporting my NIT shirt of course...


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