The 2005 Class.. v1.YIKES

A poster named OrionWolverine over at UM board posted the 05 class. Just more evidence for "you" people on why this team is so bad. Our best players from this class are Taylor and Zoltan... A DT and a freaking punter! I don't care who the coach is that is tough to win with. Not to mention the lack of leadership with so few seniors.

McKinney - Gone
Germany - Gone
Criswell - ....crickets chirping...
Richards - Gone
Slocum - Gone
Bass - *sigh*
Moosman - Played in 7 games before this season
Logan - Has played sparingly
Brandon Harrison - Finally a contributor, unfortunately not very good
Zirbel - Hurt this season
Ortmann - Played in 13 games before this seaon, only two starts
Forcier - Gone
Butler - Very good at holding and jumping before the snap
Taylor - A great DT
McAvoy - 7 games, only 1 start before this season
McLaurin - Gone
Mesko - A great player, unfortunately he's just a punter
Simpson - Gone
Sears - Gone
Savoy - Had he ever done anything?
Manningham - Gone to the NFL
Schifano - Gone
Kevin Grady - Lookin like a bust

This is football physics "you" people! You can't win with it.


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