Thats a-Maize-ing news paper

The Detroit Free Press must be fans of the blog or it's just a crazy luck. I want royalties! Oh wait..

A few Notes

Carson Butler: Maybe be benched for the rest of the season. He is now 3rd under Massey and Koger. If you are behind Massey that says something. It says you are to big of a head case, please leave. I expect Carson gone maybe during the season or after.

Junior Hem: Has Mono, will be out.

Out with bad foot. Feel bad for him because he can play but the football lords have dubbed him "injury prone".

Still moody about his role but will see more time this week. From what I hear he is moody most the time.

I will be at the Toledo game on the 11th. I am getting married on the 25th and this is my bachelor party. I am guessing we will be tailgating at the High school. If anyone wants to come hangout feel free(email me). I should get some awesome pics at the game since I will be in Row B(2nd). I hope to sneak on the field as well after the game, we will see how that goes.


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