"You" Michigan People

I am talking about "you" Michigan people, you people who freak out when we lose to Toledo and call for coach's head after "six".... yes Six games! "you" people might wanna think about a few of these aspects of this team.

-Two Freshmen QBs play like crap
-Oline that would have a hard time with GVSU
-New System
-Bad QB play
-Lost every skill guy to the NFL
-Jr & SR RBs who have have sticks of butter for fingers
-A Defense that is playing in a new system
-Injuries to some key players
-A awful 05 class
-Players built for Pro Style in a spread
-Bad QB play
-Bad QB play

Get over it people! it's gonna be a process. I knew that. After seeing the UTAH game I knew this team could lose to anyone. I was at the Toledo game and wasn't shocked at all. I felt it is what it is.. All that crap I listed adds up to a bad team.

Change to adapt

Yes change and set this team back another year. You go changing the offense around and this team would be set back yet again. Ask Auburn how well that worked. You must stay the course. It will get better but you gotta hang on. The spread will start to form starting sometime next year(IMO). You will start to see the upside of 2010 starting next year. We are in the spread and it's staying that way. Deal with it!

Fire the "Rod"
If you are on this boat then you must be bat shit crazy... Do you know what a firing of coach after 6 games would do to the program? It would turn us into Nebraska today. Recruits would see how unstable our team is everyone of our commits would de-commite. No coach wants to go to a school and be threaten to be fired after 6 games. We would fall to the levels of our basketball program. "You" people need to think before you start flapping your big fat heads. I had a few run in with idiots at the game who were chanting to fire RR after the game, I gave them a big F you, God for bide that Michigan has a year of transition.

"You" People in 2 years

I know these same people who are calling for change after 6 games will be right there cheering UM on when the wins start rolling in. That makes me sick. Support the team through the thick and thin. Bo would tell all you to go to hell if he saw the way "you" people have acted. If in year 4 and the team looks the same as it did last week then fair game, act like a ass and call for change. Six games in? Sit down, support and shut the hell up because I know in two years you will be there chanting "go blue" when Tate Forcier runs in a 35 yard TD in the spread.

It's not the end of the world... We are not doomed. It's the Life of change. Deal with it and...
Those who stay will be Champions... Remember that "you" people.


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