It's like watching a JV Basketball game

Once again, I almost tricked myself into thinking Michigan basketball turned its self around. I was wrong. They go to Purdue and look like a JV team. In fact they looked like a JV basketball team so much that I will post JV pics until they improve their play. They TO the ball like a JV team, they look about as intense as a JV team. Sims just makes me want to turn the game to MTV's Sweet 16. He can't handle a soft double team without throwing the ball out of bounds. He's so soft he makes Dakota Fanning look tough. Smith looks like he belongs back in HS basketball, he dosne't even know what coloer jersey he wears. Him at the Point is scary at best..sigh.. UGH Help.

Harris: One the few who showed up
Sims: Waste of Space, double team FTW!~
Petway: Did he play?
Abrum: Tries atleast
Smith: Should be playing at Ferris State
Colemen: Slow, got burned ALOT
Freshmen: Tuff night, all very quite.

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