Michigan JVs get schooled by Hoosiers

Just another road loss for Tommy and the team. I only caught the 2nd half but it wasn't pretty. From Petways missed dunk to our awful D. I heard we haven't won in that gym since 1995...Just wow. How much longer can I take watching this crap? I really don't even know why I want anymore. I rather go watch my local High school JV team. At least they play with some heart. Our guys look lost, they look like..well crap. I don't like calling for peoples heads but it's time for a change. NIT is not cutting it. He had his time to make this happen and he has failed. We got some nice recruits coming in next year and I don't want to waste anymore talent. They just don't get any better under Tommy. All the players are the same since they got here, Petway,Sims,Harris ect. The coach doesn't make anyone better. Its time for a change.


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