Michigan Basketball... not impressed yet.

Well I didn't think we would be sitting at 2-0 right now. I figured we would be lucky to be 1-1. Big test comming up in Purdue. I think if we win this game we may have a chance to make a bit of noise. Then again its hard to tell. This team finds ways to play with no heart and looks lost when they hit a low. I put that on the coaching. Thats a whole other issue. One thing that bothers me more than anything is lack of development. Alot of these guys looked the same from there freshmen year. When are these guys gonna get better? Has Petway found a jump shot? No. Did Sims ever get strong and be a man? No. Would Harris find a way to show up every night? Nope.. They just are the same as they were when they started and once again that comes down to effort and coaching. Now I like alot of the freshmen, they seem to have a bit more fire. Eudu or whatever his name is looks very good and is already better than Petway IMO. So there is hopes and a soild class comming in. We will see if were are NIT these year or big dance bound. I'm sure we will know that awnser within the next 3 games. Keep working Michigan Basketball, cause we are all not impressed yet.

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