Michigan Basketball has a future..maybe.. and we beat PSU.

I got a chance to check out Alex Legion the other night on ESPN. He looked great. He went for 23 and had a nice stroke. He makes me feel good about the future of Michigan Basketball. If he's a MacDonald's All-American than he would be the first one we got since... since.. Mo Taylor? Someone correct me if I'm wrong. This team maybe young next year but at least there is a future.. maybe? Also getting some buzz is Grady and Harris. Harris seems to score at will. He put up 45 points on one night and Grady who I have seen play in person plays great D and shows flashes of a great shot. Michigan basketball has a chance!

Okay they earned a pic that doesn't show a a JV basketball game since they didn't play like JV's. But I'm not that happy. I man its PSU, Tommy and Michigan never loses to them. We should pound them. I want a good WIN! Beat Purdue! Beat the Hoosiers! Give Wiss and OSU a fight. I can live that. Show me something! Sims I still think you are like Dakota Fanning. So help me, if you guys comes out like JVs again... I will put the pics back up to represent you. Don't make me!

Who did what..
Harris: Played well, shot well
Coleman: Shoot well again, played better D
Sims: Still soft, I can see the team doesn't even look for him anymore.
Smith: Didn't look like the Ferris State player I claimed him to be.
Freshmen: Solid, I'm starting to really like these guys better than the Seniors.
Petway: Heart, Charge!
Abrum: Looks like he maybe coming around... lets hope.


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