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So, I (Kate the Wolverine) got this terrific intro but enough with the lovely dovey stuff ... We've got Michigan to talk ... So, REV1 brought on the topic of Carr. Yeah yeah, it's probably been beaten into the ground, but this is our blog, and we'll talk Carr if we want to. So on Carr,

REV 1 writes:
I say in, I know his record as of late is not good when facing the big boys but lets look at what hes done. Won a few Big Tens, a NC and handles the team with alot of class, More than I can say for the coach down south.

Kate:Now what I think ... let me start by saying 1) remember that this blog is my opinion so if you think it's stupid, I don't care and 2) I'm going to admit that I am not the best at pulling up stats like how many rushing yards we had in the 2002 game against Ohio State. I don't care nor does it matter.

In the grand scheme of things, Carr has done an amazing job as head coach at Michigan. I stand behind him all the way. He has lead a team of leaders to many victories and few losses (let's forget about our 5-loss season last year) ... but remember, in Carr's first year as head coach, he proved what he was made of-- a Big Ten Championship and a National Title. And let's also take into consideration that, and might I be cliche, there is no "I" in "TEAM" so Carr does not 100% make or break a team. He's like the GM of a corporation-- he's in charge of managing managers who will coach the team to victory. If a business goes down the tubes, a new GM is not always the answer. Ron English, for example, was a great change/addition to our staff! And maybe there are some other kinks to work out. Yes, we need to find a way to defeat Ohio State ... maybe Urban Meyer can quit his girly whining and give us some pointers (take out Ginn)? Did you hear he's taking his political debate tactics and running for president?

I digress. Well, I will say it again, I stand behind Coach Carr, BO stood behind Carr-- he loved Carr! and from what I've heard, the entire athletic department is proud at what he's done and continues to do with the program. No one, internally, has announced any plans to do away with Carr.

What do you think?

1 REV: You and I agree pretty much on this. This is a no brainier to me but other Michigan fans like to praise you when you are up and stomp you when your down. I didn't hear a peep out of anyone when we were 10-0. We lose some big games and whats that I hear?


I'm more sick of the The cry baby fans than I am of Carr's coaching. Sure the Offense is a bit bland and our big games haven't turned out wins but I can't stand to hear our "Great Fan" base bitch and call for Carr's head when he's got us Big 10 titles and a NC. Learn to deal that he is not going anywhere and he does his best year in and year out. This whole team does. I say we are lucky to have such a great history and school. What if you were MSU? I'm so proud of Michigan and it's history. It's to bad our bitching fan base dosn't know anything about history or what its like to be proud.

We were so close this year to winning a NC, 3 points away in OSU(The Michigan team I saw during the Rose Bowl wasn't the same team). I feel if we win that OSU game, we win it all. Or at least but a fight up.. So all you so called "Michigan Fans"..
SHUT UP! Be glad you are not state!


  1. Anonymous said...
    Firing coaches because of a "bad" year or two gets you nowhere. Look at Nebraska firing Solich for having back to back 2 loss seasons and basically not being Tom Osborne. Well Nebraska is no longer a contender and Ohio U. Solich's new position, until someone is smart enough to steal him, actually made a bowl game, which never happens. Another example could be the Lions they keep taking things apart instead of having a vision and sticking with it for a few seasons. Carr is a Michigan man and should go on his own terms, I don't see him as a Joe Paterno type, and when he does he should still stay involved just as Bo did. When he does step down I would like to see Cam Cameron or Les Miles take his place as head coach.
    Anonymous said...
    Right on Bro ^^^ Way to be a true Michigan fan!

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