Same Old... Michigan

Once again, Michigan has lost a bowl game. I felt good about this one too.. We were out played and out coached. Our corners were awful, Trent got worked and our Front 7 didnt help much. Their is two things about this game that I can say for Michigan. One, I feel the game is just to long to wait for, its hard to take a month and half off from gameplay and then have to pick up again and play a great USC team. Two, its a pointless bowl game. I know its the "Rose Bowl" but I dont care for a post season that dosnt mean crap. Unless its the NC game then who cares? Its just another game. The O looked flat and ran the same crap over and over. The D was soild in the first half lost to great coaching moves in the 2nd half. The Cbs and S were down right awful. Next year I fear for the worst as this might be the worst CB/S Michigan has ever seen. The offense should have been in the shot gun faster then what it was and our game plan looked like it was from the 30's. I'm betting there is a chance we lost ROJO in this game as well. Its a dark dark day..
Hart: Stopped, invisible once again in a bowl game.
Henne: Not bad but awful INT and never FUM and did end up into points.
Breaston: Great game, thanks for the memories.
Mario: Good game, did what he could.
O-line: A Disgrace... Maybe the reason we were so bad.
Woodly: Did do much, did get a tieing sack for the record.
Branch: had alright day.
Crable: I think he played very well, made some great plays.
Burgess: didnt even know he was playing...
Hall: Not a good day for him
Trent: Got worked by his daddy

Now we get to feel this until next year...


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